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Brycla Ice Napoleon Chair

Our Price: £54.00


Brycla Ice Napoleon Chair
The BRYCLA Ice Napoleon is one of the only banqueting chairs to be made in EU in England.

For numerous reasons our Ice Chair range has been hailed as revolutionary. The chairs are injection moulded from a polycarbonate resin which is incredibly strong, yet it allows a certain amount of flex to give added comfort compared to wooden and metal alternatives.

The chairs are completely translucent which means their appearance can be transformed when subjected to different lighting effects (take a look at our stock photos to see what we're talking about). This makes the Ice range extremely versatile and easily adaptable for any event theme or décor, therefore removing the need for different coloured wooden effects, or the hassle of sanding and re-spraying. What a godsend!
  • Made 100% in the UK
  • They come with a 3 year guarantee
  • Immensely strong and durable (practically bulletproof)
  • Patented design
  • Scratch resistant which makes them maintenance free
  • UV resistant which means they don't discolour in sunlight
  • Stackable up to 10 high
  • Seat  Pads are interchangeable
  • Appearance changes under coloured light
  • 100% waterproof so they can be used outdoors
  • Fireproof