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Beechwood Chair (Bamboo, Lime Wash)

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Beechwood Chair  (Bamboo, Lime Wash)

If you are tying to compare all the different types of Chivari, Chiavari or Camelot chair's is a bit of mine field if you are not in the trade. So we are trying to help you by advising on certain points. A lot of these chairs can look the same, but by using different raw materials and techniques differ hugely in quality. You can expect to pay between £15 and £50 for a chair that can look the same, but differs hugely in quality.

On one of our trips to China visiting various factories we heard of one factory that had recently been shut down. This was due to a rental company in America saving a few dollars per chair and buying a cheap imitation container load of chairs. Sadly though, one of the chair's collapsed when a pregnant lady sat on one. With the suing culture they had the company then had a law suit against it and the factory who manufactured the chairs. All to save a few dollars per chair ended in disaster.

The "limewash" has become a firm favourite in the hire industry. Originally developed by a company called "Band International" they developed and created this master class chair. It is now copied by almost every small chair factory in the far East who flood the market with imitations of their design. The problem is trying to find who makes a good strong version that won't last five minutes and break. To save you the hassle, go direct to Band if your budget can stretch, if not we make a similar product that is made in China.

Our Beechwood chair combines timeless style with long lasting strength and durability. The chairs are made from A-grade German Beech wood and are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 18 months. We use traditional steaming methods to create the back and legs of the chair, whilst the seat part is made from a single piece of wood to give added strength and durability. Finally, the chairs are finished with two coats of lacquer to give extra protection against scratching and fatigue.
Our Beechwood chairs are vastly stronger than the cheaper alternatives on the market - feel free to compare our sample in order to fully understand the differences in manufacturing quality.
They offer great practicality as you can stack them up to ten high and the seat pads are easily interchangeable.
We can supply bespoke seat pads to any specification and in any fabric so please feel free to contact us for further details.
We also stock coloured seat pad caps which are a cost effective alternative to buying numerous different coloured pads - ideal if you are catering for various different event themes / decors on a regular basis. The washable caps easily slip over the pad to create a customisable seat pad.
The Beechwood chair is available in gold, black, silver, natural wood and white but our most popular finish is Lime wash.